Whether it is a concept in your head, a sketch that you just made or a full-fledged idea, it can be easily converted to 3D CGI. I get a vast number of clients with lots of different input regarding the kind of jobs that they require me to do in terms of digital rendering. Some clients like to be very thorough and provide each and every detail regarding their needs while there are also others who will solely leave the rendering to me with little or no instructions.

The great thing here is that with over  30 years of experience, I have learnt to adapt to all kinds of situations and hence can work with whatever the client provides me, if anything at all.

A photograph may be all wonderful and memorable but what are you going to do when you have a corporate meeting with a client and you have got a killer idea? You can’t just show him a picture; a picture sometimes just doesn’t cut it, especially if we talk about product design.

Being able to view a product sample from all sorts of different angles gives you a clear understanding of what you want to achieve.

This is where 3D CGI PHOTOGRAPHY comes in and once the job is done, I send my clients a high resolution file of the rendered design they require which can then be printed or used on any interactive website, brochures, flyers, posters, CD’s etc.

Moreover, 3D CGI gives you that professional edge over other companies when bidding for a job. So why not let me help you get an edge over the competition in the market?