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How Product 360 rotators can improve product sales?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Imagine, for a moment, being able to experience a product in a completely different way. One that allows you to see it from every angle, to place you in your own unique environment, and to interact with it in ways that you never could before. What if, by adding this extra layer of interactivity to a product, you could turn an average product into a hugely successful one?

360 Product Viewer is built to help 360 video retailers improve online product sales. Through VR/AR technology, we help users to find, view, and interact with a 360 video in VR. Users can then shop from the 360 video, such as a 360° product, in a 360° retail environment, and purchase the product.

How Interactive 360° Product rotators work ?

Interactive 360° Product rotators are interactive product viewers that help you shop for products by rotating the product around in 3D on a 360° screen. This gives you a better chance to compare similar products, to help you decide which ones you want to buy.

Marketers can use interactive 360 product viewers to engage potential customers in a more authentic way, since the experience is more immersive. But, how to best utilize this technology? This blog post will introduce the concepts behind product rotators and interactive 360 product viewers, and show how a marketer can use them to create valuable experiences for their customers.

How 360 Product rotator is created ?

The 360 product rotator is created by 3d Modeling the product and then rendering a series of images from different angle increments.

360 product rotator is usually use for showing the product layout & display. 360 product rotator can be integrated on your website, to be used in e-commerce.

What is the cost of creating 360 Product Rotator ?

Depending on the complexity of the product, cost to add 360 Product Viewer to your website can range from $150-$300 per product. Since each product must be 3D modeled and rendered first, this initial set-up fee is usually the high. The code for embedding 360 Product Viewer is also provided for you.

So what are you waiting for ?

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