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3d Rendering vs Photography

Is Product 3d Rendering taking over Product Photography ?

The Answer is Yes !!!!

Let me explain you how, Consider a typical scenario of a Product Photography Shoot.

One needs to hire a Professional Photographer for the photo shoot, give them the actual products for photography.

Then they setup the scene, pure white backdrop , setup lighting, etc and then they do few shoot of the Product and then they needs to do photo retouching after photography,

After few days new flavor comes out in the market, you have to call them again and then arises the challenge, You need to replicate the exact situation of the previous photoshoot, which is almost impossible, you will never get same lighting, same setup next time you do a photoshoot.

Here comes the beauty of Product 3d Rendering. First of all its all virtual, no products is needed. You just have to send us the photograph of products and the whole product is 3d Modeled from scratch, product lable is wrapped over the Product and virtual lighting, virtual camera is then set, and then Product 3d rendering is done from various angle.

This setup is saved as a file for future use, now when the need arises for new flavor , you just have to supply with the new Label artwork and in matter of hours you will get new rendering with the exact same setup as previous rendered image. How lovely this is ?

We provide similar services, Product 3d Modeling, Product 3d and Packaging 3d Visualization etc.

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